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by YuukiTrap on The Vice
Wonderful Product!

I recently just finished a 3 week session with my Princess. During those 3 weeks I felt super comfortable wearing it all the time and it never gave me any problems. I currently own The Vice Mini in purple while the rest of the cage parts are clear. I really love the customization options, bringing more personality/humiliation to your caged cock! The cage has many air holes, making it easier to clean without any hassle. Overall The Vice/Mini is a high quality cage which will last you a very long time if you take care of it. The one thing I'm hoping for later in the future, is that LL will find more options for even smaller people like me! LL has AMAZING customer service and I will forever recommend this brand to all my fans who is willing to try out Chastity!

by Bob on The Vice
LL Mini

I will give this device a 4 star.I have worn mine with and without the anti-pullout.Once I got the correct rings,I found either way it was comfortable.My reason for not giving a 5 star rating is,I live in New Hampshire and wearing the mini outside in the cold,I had problems.I am small dicked( my wife just looks at my cock and giggles).Even with the mini,the cold shrivels my cock and balls to the point the whole thing,ring and all comes off.If you are small or tiny like me,don’t give up.Just be prepared if you go out in the cold.The mini is well made and is comfortable,but I guess I would need a mini junior if they had one.I took a cb6000s and cut the middle section out,smooth the two remaining pieces down,and super glued them together.This works fine in any weather.My wife and her boyfriend locked me in the custom cb for the 6 week key holding service.Hopefully by then the weather will be warm enough that I can try the mini again.I am not giving up on it,just waiting to try again.Good luck.Thank you LL.Despite my problem,you have a good product.

by Patie in Chastity on The Vice
Great product but the mini not small enough

This cage fits securely and prevents my erections. With the vice lock I can't wiggle out. However the cage is just a little too long and I have a hard tine peeing without making a mess. Looking forward to seeing more size options in the near future. I will deff buy a shorter cage piece if one becomes avail. My goal is to get a cage that fits well enough to wear it 24/7 esp when at work and out in public. That way I can send my Goddess the key and say goodbye to erections and orgasms for good without any temptation to cheat or edge.

by Brandi on The Vice
Love The Vice

I came out to my wife about two months ago that I wanted to start living as a girl. She shared this with her secretary and last week she showed up with the vice. It was the pretty pink mini and my wife and her secretary told me that if I wanted to live as a girl there was no need for me to be able to perform as a man. I was really unsure about this new idea but seemed it would be ok. I was placed in my new mini and locked up nice and tight and as my wife secretary placed the lock on she told me the only way I would ever see the key was to become the girl that I always dreaned to be. It has only been a week but oh how I love my vice and the confidence it has given me to live as I have always wished to be thank-you for such a wonderful device

by gagfan on The Vice
great device but not perfect

Honestly, this is the best chastity (ball trapped) device that I've used so far. For the most part it is extremely effective at preventing a wearer from being able to pull out. However, it is not inescapable (though it is very difficult).

The only point where i was able to pull out was when when my crotch area built up enough heat to where my ball sack became very (and i'm not kidding when I say very) loose. At that point I was able to pull out. However, I did not attempt to masturbate at this point but I was then able to push my loose cock back into the tube.

On the most part i'm exremely happy with this device as I only reach the escapable point by the end of a work day (I'm at a desk all day) and for the most part it is comfortable. However the times where my ball sack restrict and becomes much closer to my body then that is where the rounded ends of the anti-pullout device and the base ring itself can become an irritation against the scrotum. Another point of irritation for me is that the largest base ring provided proved to be too small for me and irritating (when my ball sack was very tight) if the ring was not lubed up to prevent friction if you need to adjust the tube/ring.

Overall the comfort I'd give 3.5/5 and the effectiveness on not being to pullout at a 4/5.

by JR on The Vice
100% Effective

After one failed attempt with another cage, my master researched and decided to put me in the Vice. With the correct combination of ring, pin, and spacer, it fit like a glove. I have made a few attempts to pull out with no success. Even if I were able to pull out, it would never go back on while locked and my crime would easily be detected. Here are a few recomendations. Start out slow. Try it for 2, 6, 12 hours at a time Then go 24. Laying on your side helps when sleeping and I am unable to get very hard while locked up, so the discomfort is minimal Shaving will minimize caught hair. Put it on and take it off slowly to avoid pinching. Once on 24/7 a release every few days is good idea for hygiene and pleasure if earned.

by Lanie on The Vice
It works! He's in trouble now!

I'm very pleasantly surprised to report that my boyfriend has not been able to pull out of the Vice after one whole week. Yayyy!!!! At first we thought he might be able to, but after a day or two things seemed to gel and he's good and stuck now.

In the CB-6000 the longest we achieved was three days. We also got one of the squishy silicone ones, can't remember the name at the moment, and we were able to go four days in that one. But with both of those he was able to pull out.

It's very interesting to see how the dynamic changes when he realizes that he actually can't get out. First few days he's all hot and excited. Next few days he gets whiny when he really wants to cum and wants out more than anything. But then he crosses that magical point where things shift. The pleasure of the ever-building arousal overcomes the desire to cum. He gets sort of drunk on the pleasure, almost like a dopamine zombie. At that point I can have him do anything I want. Cook, clean, indulge my own fetishes that he doesn't usually like. (I watch a lot of guy-guy porn.) It's wonderful. He's to the point where if I ask him if he wants to be let out he honestly doesn't know.

We're going to try two weeks next. If that goes well then it's a month. I assume that at some point we'll work our way up to permanent but not for a while. I don't know why but it's very much a turn-on to think of taking someone's orgasm away for good. To say, "after this point you will never cum again, at least not through your dick," just makes me shiver in delight. So yeah, we'll definitely do that at some point.

by RB on The Vice
Not interchangeable and a bit to lengthy

I love the design of the cage with the exception of the regular cage. Like others, the sock method is my go to to get in the cage. However, due to the taper in this cage and it's length, I tend to eventually "turtle" back in and then get stopped by the taper when things expand slightly. I wish the cage did not have this taper and was a 1/4 - 1/2" shorter or else it would be perfect.

I eventually ordered a plus cage, but due to poor quality in the manufacturing tolerances, the spacers do not snugly fit into the cage. Sadly, this was discovered after a few painful pinching experiences. The replacement cage has the same issue and I have yet to try this setup.

by CS on The Vice
Do NOT Buy

I've tried multiple cages like several of the other reviewers, and honestly I'd take any of them over this piece of trash. Starting with build quality, they say that it is better than the CB series, a statement with which I wholeheartedly disagree. I split both a regular and XL cage just trying to put them on. This wasn't after years of abuse either, but after a few weeks. I will say their customer service shipped out replacements express mail fairly quickly but I managed to start splitting the replacement XL cage along the top the first time I tried putting it on.

The main reason I would advise against this product is it is not repeat not comfortable for anything approaching long term wear. There are some pretty sharp edges amongst the pieces, but even worse are the multitude of pieces that have to be put together for wear. You might think their tab system is sufficient to hold it all together but you would be mistaken. The pieces between the cage and the ring have a nasty tendency to separate leading to all sorts of wonderful pinching opportunities. The only way to solve that problem would be to super glue everything together. I can also say that it isn't just a faulty spacer as I've tried pretty much all of them when I was trying to determine the proper fit.

The only pro of this model compared to the CB or Holy Trainer is it has more ventilation holes. For pure comfort while wearing, I'm going back to the CB. Good luck to the rest of you.

by Greg on The Vice
Great Product/Wonderful Customer Service

Love the Vice Cage anti pullout system and it adds a very unique look while wearing the device. I purchased the Vice Plus and I ran into a problem with my cage piece. Customer service for Locked in Lust is wonderful and they worked promptly to send me a replacement after I emailed my photos. I am very happy with the product and the customer service from the support team. Thank you Locked in Lust!

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From the Testers


“The Vice is an exciting new device which crushes the competition. No more fumbling for pins while trying to put the device on. The sturdy and well build cage attaches to the base ring with ease. Once on, you will see how easy it is to forget your locked. Comfort is great with its rounded base ring and smoothed cage edges. And if your an escape artist, be forewarned… it’s not going to be that easy anymore! The security of The Vice is second to none with the addition of the built-in anti-pullout security feature. Trying to get out will leave you feeling defeated and raw. If the feeling of frustration is what you crave, The Vice will deliver!!!”    – AJ

“A perfectly evil device that has obviously had a lot of thought and development put into it, having also been a late stage prototype tester I can without doubt say all my concerns were listened to and the communication with this company is excellent. A well built device that you’ll love to hate and your partner will just love.”           – T. Parkes

“After trying many devices I was looking for a device that is comfortable and most of all secure. The Vice is made from a material that is stronger and less resistant to splitting then other devices but still comfortable enough for long term wear. The anti-pull out design works very well at preventing pull out, and would be incredibly hard to get back in if defeated. I definitely recommend it over other devices and believe it to be one of the best in the market.”              – Jay

“After receiving the demo, I was a bit skeptical about the anit-pullout portion of The Vice.  It looked menacing; same as the spikes as other devices.  After giving it a try, I found the anti-pullout system quite comfortable.  With some work, I’m able to slip out of other devices.  I gave myself two days to try my hardest to pull out of The Vice with no luck.  The Engineering of The Vice and its anti-pullout is solid and does not cause pain, injury, or harm like the spikes of other devices.”                – J.R.