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by Aggie guy on The Vice
The best toy on the market for guys with girth

I absolutely love The Vice because of the Vice Plus. I’ve tried the cb-6000, the cb-3000, holy trainer v2, and a few other ones. I’m a serious grower and very thick, around 1.5 when semi-hard. All of the cages were so tight, they’d cut off circulation, be too difficult to put on, or actually cause physical pain.The original vice is honestly too narrow for me but when I contacted you Vice support one day they told me a larger cage was in the works and I checked every day until the Vice Plus was made. Once I saw it was coming my way, I was like a kid in the candy store.I tried it on and I fit. I didn’t have my foreskin hanging out of any holes and I didn’t look like someone tried to stuff bologne into a fishnet panty hose.The Vice Plus is the first chastity cage I have been able to wear for more than an hour or two without being so uncomfortable (when soft) that I’ve had to take it off.I’ve now worn this cage for a week straight without having to take it off, something I didn’t think was ever going to he possible without spending hundreds on a custom made cage. It’s that damn good.

by bz on The Vice
Need a smaller antipullout

Wanna agree with the person who was needing a smaller (XS) or even an extra (XXS) smaller anti-pull out.Making the smaller (or even extra smaller) pull out device would that this is better than the "points of intrigue" from CBx cause at least there is no PAIN on trying to pull out or getting large with some teasing

We are working on both this year! 🙂

by BoyChastity on The Vice

I just have to say The Vice Cage is awesome the best Cage I have ever wear

by John on The Vice
Great for large guys

I have tried multiples chasity cages.   I thought it was going to be too tight.  I am a really large guy.   It took a long time for me to get on the first time.    It was much more comfortable to my previous cage. C-6000   I felt comfortable with it.   Thank you

by DL on The Vice
Thank you

I wasn't sure how attach this to my earlier review but all my problems were fixed by LiL. They were even persistant after I didn't recieve their initial emails.

by Jordan on The Vice
Great device

Ordered this as part of the 12 days of Christmas promotion in which I got a free second cage with the purchase of The Vice. So I got the standard and had the mini added in as my free bonus cage.

So when it finally arrived at my front door I immediately opened it to try it out. There were a lot of pieces to it, much more than any other cage I’ve had, but it’s great as it really allows you to get a much better and more comfortable fit than other cages out there.

Only negative I have is a pinching issue when securing the Vice clamp onto the cage, however once it’s on I personally have not felt any pinching from the device.

It’s just as comfortable as any other chastity device I’ve worn, even with the anti pullout mechanism attached, and most definitely more secure. I have 4 other devices, & used to have another, all of which I’ve been able to pull out of with little effort. So obviously I had to test and see if The Vice lives up to its claim of “inescapable chastity” and I have to say that’s not a lie. Once it’s on so long as the anti pullout is attached you’re not getting out without the key.

I do have to use the largest spacer when wearing the mini for a comfortable fit just due to my size, however it is more cramped inside for me than the standard it is just as comfortable and secure. However I think i’ll stick with the standard for longer periods and just use the mini for shorter durations.

Both the standard & mini get a 5 Star rating from me though

by mason on The Vice
VIce mini

I ordered the Vice mini. everything is good. well, I thought it would be inescapable, but it is actually not. wish you could invent smaller spacer and anti-pullout for the Vice mini.

by James on The Vice
Love it

I got the vice mini and put it on and right away fell in love. It feels great and is not coming off for sure. I think over time i may need a smaller anti-pullout as the smallest might not work forever.

by Nate on The Vice

So i ordered the device on the black friday special and to be honest it sat in the box for a few days before i even got a chamce to really look at it.
First impressions wow this thing is super light. Made very well with a well thought out design. So i sized it similar to my other devices (i have 5 different off the shelf) and found it was not quite right and spent more time sizing it i got where i wanted it and took it off. Fast forward a few days and im off work so i spent the day in about 12 hours and i took it off for inspection at this time i had been using it without the antipullout. So everythong seamed ok so i cleaned it and prepared to reinstall. At this time i found a few issues the large antipullout seams to be lppser than the the others. And i can see light though the cage where i shpuldnt be able to. Upon futher inspection it appears that it had not been fused possibly to start with given i did split a cb 6000 cage but i dont think thats what happened here. So anyway i took pics and emailed austin the next moring i had response apologizing and pffer to send replacement parts ASAP.
Do to how the spacer reforces the cage i went ahead with my testing and installed the lrg anti pullout. First thing i notice is the device dosr not slide down at all its tight but not uncomfortable. So off to bed i went. I wake up to quite the pain in The morning so i went ahead and removed to device now typical mornings you end up feeling like ypur balls are going to be removed thos wasnt a problemso i gave my body a break for the day.
Ok on to the good stuff
What i like
Its light
The base ring is definitely less material than other devices i have
It is designed to reinforce itsself the the base ring is toung and grove
The spacer backs up the cage making it super strong it also secures into the base ring.
The though area for the lock is very thick and reinforced by eith the anti pullout or the attchmet that al5pws use with out it
Easy to clean
Things i dont like
I have found that the only way i can get in it is with the stalking method.
I have some difficulty urinating cleanly in it. The cb6000 i could use a urinal this device i dont feel i could do that. Do to the size of the slot it dose drain better.

Its so good i have to really nit pick to give some negatives
Its also feom the U.S.A. which is a big plus for me.

Overall i really like this device i plan to order rhe mini cage wich by the way the same rings and spacers work with so i only have to get the cage. I suspect it will be to small but if the fit is better i could solve the urinal issue

I hope everyone gets an opportunity to get in one and i hope this helps oyher with the decision.
Ps i hope this is all ledgable i typed it on my phone and auto correct may have bit me

by Houston on The Vice

Hey guys. Want you to know. Y’all have developed the absolute perfect cage. The first one I’ve tried out of many many cages that has a perfect fit Thank you!!!

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From the Testers


“The Vice is an exciting new device which crushes the competition. No more fumbling for pins while trying to put the device on. The sturdy and well build cage attaches to the base ring with ease. Once on, you will see how easy it is to forget your locked. Comfort is great with its rounded base ring and smoothed cage edges. And if your an escape artist, be forewarned… it’s not going to be that easy anymore! The security of The Vice is second to none with the addition of the built-in anti-pullout security feature. Trying to get out will leave you feeling defeated and raw. If the feeling of frustration is what you crave, The Vice will deliver!!!”    – AJ

“A perfectly evil device that has obviously had a lot of thought and development put into it, having also been a late stage prototype tester I can without doubt say all my concerns were listened to and the communication with this company is excellent. A well built device that you’ll love to hate and your partner will just love.”           – T. Parkes

“After trying many devices I was looking for a device that is comfortable and most of all secure. The Vice is made from a material that is stronger and less resistant to splitting then other devices but still comfortable enough for long term wear. The anti-pull out design works very well at preventing pull out, and would be incredibly hard to get back in if defeated. I definitely recommend it over other devices and believe it to be one of the best in the market.”              – Jay

“After receiving the demo, I was a bit skeptical about the anit-pullout portion of The Vice.  It looked menacing; same as the spikes as other devices.  After giving it a try, I found the anti-pullout system quite comfortable.  With some work, I’m able to slip out of other devices.  I gave myself two days to try my hardest to pull out of The Vice with no luck.  The Engineering of The Vice and its anti-pullout is solid and does not cause pain, injury, or harm like the spikes of other devices.”                – J.R.