Many members of the chastity community want a device which can offer them the utmost security.  Most devices make claims that they are secure, yet they all seem to be easy to escape; leaving you to your own self-discipline not to “cheat”.  Making these devices secure usually requires drastic modifications, and these changes can be extremely uncomfortable, even unbearable.  Even with these alterations, the device still lacks adequate security.

Now imagine an inescapable chastity device that not only offers true security, but is also comfortable.  Wearing a device that once it’s locked in place, the only form of removal is from your keyholder.  Imagine wearing this device for as long as your keyholder wishes, knowing you cannot escape. Locked in Lust’s flagship device, The Vice, offers just that.

The Vice is a lightweight medical grade polycarbonate device, which uses a proprietary anti-pullout device with the use of carefully selected textures and materials that your skin will form to, effectively making the device more secure the longer you wear it.  The skin forming to the textures causes no permanent damage, but makes pulling out of the device nearly impossible.

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