The entire idea of a male chastity belt revolves around the fantasy of being locked in an inescapable device never able to free or stimulate your penis without the permission of your mistress or master. Once enacted, men in chastity are locked in a specially designed cage, stopping them from achieving an orgasm, even through masturbation, unless their keyholder allows it.


For the feeling of being locked in chastity to become real, the men in chastity must feel the oppression of inescapabilty. Yet most male chastity belts on the market are easy to escape, leaving men to their own self-discipline not to cheat, in turn defeating part of the attraction.


Being caged can be extremely exciting and fulfilling, leading to increased sex drive and focus on your master or mistress. It also heightens the stakes of your dom/sub relationship, giving your master or mistress the ability to punish you by denying sex and your ability to become erect and orgasm. However, all of that is lost if the device isn’t secure or if the men in chastity are secure but find it unwearable because of discomfort.


That’s where The Vice comes in. Not only does it provide an inescapable locked in chastity experience, that Houdini couldn’t break out of, but it also offers unmatched comfort and wear ability. Once The Vice is locked in place, the only way it will be removed is at the order of your mistress or master.


The Vice is a lightweight, medical grade polycarbonate device, using a proprietary anti-pullout insert for increased security. It’s made with hand selected textures and materials that form to your skin, creating a perfect combination of security, comfort, and safety all designed to allow you and your master or mistress the freedom to enjoy chastity without the distractions or concern of pulling out.


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