About Locked in Lust

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Locked in Lust’s Mission:

We revolutionize the industry through highly innovative products and unparalleled customer service.

About the founder: Austin Madore

My name is Austin, and I founded Locked in Lust® in 2014.  I was inspired to created Locked in Lust® from my poor experiences with other chastity devices, both plastic chastity cages and steel chastity cages alike.



–      Austin

About Locked in Lust Chastity Devices

While each chastity device offered a unique experience, they all lacked security and were easily escapable. I attempted to modify and purchase aftermarket pieces to increase the security of these devices, but to no avail was I successful.  The modifications were either too painful to withstand (especially overnight), or they did not provide a satisfying level of security.

After some research, I noticed this problem was shared by the masses.  I began experimenting with various cock cage designs, materials, and textures to enhance the overall security, while maintaining comfort.  After two years of research and development, I designed Locked in Lust’s® flagship chastity cage, The Vice™, which offers both superior security and comfort compared to other devices.


Our Brands:

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Locked in Keyholding, our Online Keyholding Service.
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Lust Lounge, our online Male Chastity Community
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Lust Lingerie, our Sissy Lingerie brand

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