Q: Are the parts for The Vice compatible with all the cage sizes (Mini/Plus/Standard)? Yes. If you already own The Vice (any size), you can change the cages out freely, without needing to purchase another set.   Q: Does The Vice Plus/Mini have Larger/Smaller Rings/Anti-pullouts than the standard?? No. Aside from the cages, all parts and pieces of each size of The Vice will be identical and interchangeable.   Q: What have you done to prevent the cage from splitting? Most plastic cages are thin and glued at the seam.  The Vice is slightly thicker than other devices, and sonically welded together, making separation of the two halves nearly impossible.   Q: Why did you choose a hinged ring as they tend to pinch? The hinged ring was carefully selected as it’s easier to wear a tighter ring if desired.  We have countered the pinching problem by curving the edges where the hinge meets, and adding space between the two halves to prevent skin from getting caught.   Q: Why have I never heard of Locked in Lust? We are a new company, founded early 2014.  However, The Vice has been through various prototyping phases since early 2012.   Q: What have you done to improve the hygiene? The Vice allows great hygienic care, mainly from the slots that house the anti-pullout device which allows easy access to provide a thorough cleaning without removal of the device.  The ventilation holes, and urination slot provide access to harder to reach places for a thorough cleaning.   Q: I am a grower, and can shrink past the cage, how does The Vice counter this? The Vice was designed entirely around this question.  The anti-pullout has a textured pattern which the skin naturally molds to, holding the penis in place at its base.  The anti-pullout also has a vertical ridge which catches the loose skin when flaccid, preventing the loose skin from pushing against the grip of the anti-pullout.  Most of the testers selected were growers, and reported no problems of accidental (or intentional) pullouts.   Q: Does The Vice come with a warranty? Yes.  It is backed with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.   Q: What is the refund policy? There are no refunds/returns.  All sales are final.  Please visit the Refund Policy page for more information.   Q: If there are going to be future devices, why should I order The Vice? The future devices we have planned are currently in the blueprint phase, and use different concepts than The Vice to provide a secure and comfortable fit.   Q: When will the future devices be released? We are currently working on a new concept and hoping to have a final product released sometime mid-2019.   Q: What if I have additional questions? Click the Contact Us tab at the top of the page, and send us an email.  We will respond most emails within 24 hours.