30 Chastity Tips


Here are 30 Chastity Tips to help provide you the most satisfaction out of your Chastity Experience!


1. Proper Sizing.   As excited as you may be trying on a new device, safety is always most important. Start with the largest size options available for rings/anti-pullouts/spacers/etc., and slowly work your way down to a smaller, more comfortable, and more secure fit. This will help you safely discover your ideal size.
2. Blood Flow.   Another important part of the chastity tips related to the sizing factor is blood flow. If you notice discoloration when flaccid or erect, one or more pieces are too tight, and you should go to the next size immediately.
3. Cage Installation.   The easiest way to install a cage is to use lotion/lubrication. Put a thin layer of lubricant on the inner walls of the cage, and coat your penis with the lubrication. It will make sliding the cage on significantly easier.
4. Wash Off Lube.   After the cage is installed, it would be best to rinse off the lubrication to prevent accidental slippage.
5. Urination.   Most devices have a slot in the front of the cage to allow for ease of bathroom use. However, devices point the penis downward, and the penis may not be sitting at the very tip of the cage or might be askew. For the easiest (and cleanest) way to use the bathroom, it’s best to sit down on the toilet.
6. Bathe Daily.   Daily bathing becomes essential for hygiene when locked in chastity. Because of the limited breathability and possibility of trapped urine, it can develop a putrid smell without regular bathing.
7. Drying After Bathing.   The easiest way to dry yourself and your device will be with a bath towel. After you’ve dried as much as you can, use a Q-tip to dry the inside of the cage as well.
8. Daily Lotion.   Use a Q-tip and a bit of lotion (moisturizing works best) to lotion up the inside of the cage and the inside of the ring. Not only will this help prevent chafing (ouch!), but it will also make regular wear significantly more comfortable – especially at night!
9. Discretion.   You will quickly realize that not all devices are discreet under regular clothing. The easiest way to disguise it is to wear tight boxers/panties, and loose shorts/pants/jeans (typically a size above normal wear is sufficient).
10. Pain.   Pain is usually an indication your body is telling you something. While you will likely experience blue balls (more on that later) while locked in chastity, you may experience other forms of pain down there while discovering chastity. If you feel pain, remove the device immediately and inspect it. This is one of the chastity tips you want to follow carefully.
11. Don’t Rush Into It.   While many fantasize about 24/7/365 denial, you are highly unlikely to start at such an extreme scale. It’s best to figure out sizing over time with a few hours of lock up at a time, and then start building longer durations only after sizing is dialed in.
12. Incremental Durations.   Again, the fantasy of long-term denial is very real, but the reality of it is quite different, and can be more difficult than you may initially expect. The best way to is start with a few hours, move into an overnight lock up, then a 24 hour session, and start doubling your time from there. You’ll notice when you hit your “sweet spot”.
13. Nightly Erections.   One of the most dreaded feelings of being locked up is the nightly erections. The morning wood you experience? That happens MULTIPLE times throughout the night, and it will wake you up initially. It is uncomfortable, but it does not last long.
14. Nightly Erections Solution.   After a few nights of chastity, your body will start to adapt to its “new surroundings”, and you will find yourself waking up less and less to them. When you do wake up to a nightly erection, it’s best to urinate as this will help dispel the erection and allow you to go back to sleep much sooner.
15. Loud Padlock.   You will quickly notice that a padlock will “click” against the cage, making a very audible sound. You can easily silence this by using a rubber band or a hair tie.
16. Swimming.   You can swim while locked up. One of the biggest factors to consider with this is that typical swimming trunks will make a device very visible.
17. Deep Clean.   It is hygienic to remove the device every 1-2 weeks to give it (and yourself) a good deep clean. Some put their device in the dishwasher, this is not recommended for plastic devices, as the water gets very hot. Instead, use a toothbrush dedicated to cleaning with some soap and water.
18. Frustration.   The holy grail of chastity, glorious frustration. Not being able to touch yourself or even obtain an erection for several days will build immense sexual frustration, and the feeling is quite addicting. The frustration can even build up to the point it becomes more satisfying than the long-awaited orgasm (as it can last for minutes over and over vs. seconds just once).
19. Blue Balls.   And for one of the most popular chastity tips – With this frustration comes a price, blue balls. Having all that pent up cum built up in your balls will inevitably cause you blue balls. This feeling feels light a “tugging” sensation on the testicles, and the intensity of it will depend on how long/how intense your frustration was just prior. Many who are long-term chastity wearer’s begin to enjoy the blue ball sensation!
20. Enlarged Prostate.   This sounds scarier than it is. As with the blue balls, all the pent up cum causes the prostate to enlarge. This will feel like you constant need to poop, but you don’t. It’s your body’s way to telling you your full of cum. Which leads us to…
21. Milking.   When your prostate is full, you can use a prostate massager to “milk” yourself. Milking the prostate (the male G-Spot) will cause you to dribble cum out of your penis without touching your penis. This is a great way to drain the balls without having to remove the cage (and can be quite frustrating!).
22. Chastity Shrinking.   This is not a myth. Chastity shrinking is real. When you wear chastity long-term, especially with smaller cages, your penis can begin to shrink in size. The best way to mitigate this is allow yourself a full erection at least 2-3 times a week for several minutes at a time.
23. Will Other’s Know.   No. While it may feel like the whole world knows you’re locked up, others will not know unless you want them to. Especially if you take the Discretion tips mentioned earlier.
24. Contact With Others.   Another common fear is close contact with others (i.e. hugs) will reveal to them that you’re locked up. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you give someone a hug, you’re typically far enough away from them that the cage will not even make contact. Secondly, when you’re hugging someone, they’re typically not feeling the crotch area on themselves. The only way someone would know, is if you purposely pressed your crotch against them as you hug them. So no need to worry!
25. Tease & Denial.   Tease and denial is just as it sounds. You tease yourself (or someone teases you), you can edge yourself, get yourself worked up and frustrated, but DON’T CUM! This will build up your frustration on an immense scale, and add to the fun of being locked up!
26. Edging.   Edging is when you masturbate to the point right before you cum. As you start feeling the build up rising, let go before you can cum. It will subside, and you can repeat this over and over. The better you get at it, the more intense the sensation you can get out of it (even comparable to an orgasm).
27. Orgasms.   One of the best parts of chastity is the long-await orgasm! Multiple days (or weeks) of being locked and pent up full of cum is frustrating, but when you finally have an orgasm, it will be. The. Most. Intense. Orgasm. Ever. It’s one of the greatest feelings you could possibly experience. To enhance it even further, give yourself a few edges beforehand.
28. Ruined Orgasms.   Another tool commonly used in chastity play is Ruined orgasms. Similar to edging, you will bring yourself right to the point before you cum, and continue until you start cumming… THEN let go. The sensation of an orgasm is not there, but you are still cumming. This is extremely frustrating, and also an easy way to drain the balls!
29. Fetishes.   Use all of your fetishes to turn you on more than you could imagine and build upon your frustration.
30. Lifestyle.   Chastity is a lifestyle shared by both the vanilla community (non-fetishists), as well as those into BDSM and Domination and Submission. It is a very versatile toy, and can be used to devote oneself to their partner, for teasing, for punishment, to get closer or reignite that “spark”. The possibilities are limitless, and so is the fun.
Bonus.   This is by far the most important of all of the chastity tips. Have Fun. Most importantly, have fun! Safety is always the number one precaution to take with anything, and these tips are a guide to help you have a more enjoyable experience with chastity. As long as everything is consensual, and you use these tips, you should have an unforgettable experience! Should you ever have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us!
There you have it! 30 Chastity Tips plus a bonus tip to give you 31 Chastity Tips! For more Chastity Tips, we recommend following our Newsletter.