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Affiliate Registration

Welcome to our Affiliate Registration page!

Please follow these simple steps to get your application to us, as well as what to do if/when it is approved:
1. Fill out the form below in it’s entirety, completing all fields.
2. Once your form has been submitted, it will be reviewed (this process is usually completed within 48 hours). You will receive an email confirmation once it has been approved/declined. If it’s been approved, you will receive a secondary email with your coupon code.
3. Once you receive your email confirmation, please log in to your account and select your payment method (see options below) – if you do not select this, you may not get paid!:
  • PayPal – This is the most preferred and recommended option. You will get paid the fastest with this. Please ensure you include your PayPal email when selecting this option.
  • Manual – This option is for Amazon Gift Cards. This option may take an extra day or two before receiving payment.
  • Check – This option is only available for certain affiliates on a case-by-case basis. Please do not select this option without discussing with us prior, as this could cause you not to get paid!
4. You’re all set up! You can start using your coupon code right away! You can view your coupon usage anytime by signing into your account. We make our payments at the beginning of the new month (usually within the first week).
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