How to put on our Chastity Cage

On this page you can find several videos showing you how to put on our chastity cage.
These assembly videos show how easy it is to lock your cock with the The Vice™ Chastity Cage.


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Official Assembly Video

This video shows a detailed overview of the The Vice™ Chastity Cage, demonstrating how to assemble and disassemble your chastity cage. It’s important to get familiare with the various parts that compose your chastity device, in order to learn how to fit a cock cage correctly, and how to clean it properly after use.

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How to put on a The Vice™ Chastity Cage

In this video, you can see exactly how to put on the flagship chastity device by Locked in Lust™.

  • First, fit the chastity ring
  • Insert the Locking Pin to firmly secure your chastity ring
  • Connect the Spacer to the cock cage
  • Insert the penis in the cage. Water based lubricant is a good idea to ensure an effortless insertion.
  • Lock the patented Anti Pullout device, aligning it with the spacer’s padlock hole
  • Insert your favorite padlock and lock the chastity device.

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Squeeze The Cage to Lock the Chastity Device

Our patented anti-pullout device adds even more security to your cock cage, tightening the unnecessary wiggle room between the parts of the chastity device, allowing a more snug and pinch-less chastity experience.