Inescapable Chastity Cage Product Overview

Discover what makes Locked in Lust® your trusted specialist when it comes to real male chastity experience, with our flagship anti pullout, inescapable chastity cage: TheVice™.


The Vice™ Chastity Cage

TheVice™ Chastity Cage is the first patented anti pullout chastity cage, designed for long term chastity and a real inescapable chastity experience.

Available in four different models fitting all sizes and preferences, our inescapable chastity cage has changed the way people experience male chastity forever.

See our escape proof chastity cages:

Image of three different thevice inescapable chastity cage models for product overview

  • The Vice™ cock cage has changed male chastity forever
  • Patented anti pullout chastity system makes escape obsolete
  • 24/7 Wearability, perfect for long term chastity
  • Made from medical grade polycarbonate
  • Lightweight, unique design for a comfortable chastity experience
  • Voted best male chastity device by customers


Patented Anti-Pullout for real inescapable chastity

The patented anti pullout chastity system by Locked in Lust
  • Textured design on inner tabs makes TheVice™ the most secure chastity cage.
  • Skin moulds to textured design over time
  • The longer you are locked in chastity, the more secure it becomes
  • Optional pullout cap to wear device without anti-pullout
  • No escape makes male chastity training easy and more exciting!




Redesigned and more secure Chastity Cage

Frontal view of the Clear version of the Inescapable Chastity Cage TheVice Mini

  • Thicker cock cage than the CB-6000, and sonically welded for incredible durability
  • Flange reinforced on both sides from spacer and anti-pullout
  • Open ventilation for excellent hygiene & breathe-ability (and teasing)
  • Urethra hole for bathroom use





Size-Adjustable Chastity System

Image showing the parts composing the inescapable chastity device TheVice
  • All size options shown are included with every device!
  • 3 Cage Size variations available (1 per device)
  • Customize your fit for maximum comfort and security






Reviewed the Best Male Chastity Cage

Average rating:  
 481 reviews
 by Alex on The Vice
Moved to the mini

My wife recently got me the mini as the standard was getting too big for me. My wife has had locked up for the 8 months ... view more

 by Chastiylvr on The Vice
Feels great on me 😍

I just bought the vice clitty and i love it it has adjustabable rings which are great fits perfect its proper on me i love... view more

 by Daniel lawson on The Vice
Wow it's amazing

I had been wanting to get the mini v2 for sometime now love the fit is outstanding once you get the right combo of parts... view more

 by Ryan on The Vice
Longtime Customer!

Have purchased MULTIPLE products from LIL, not just The Vice, and they've all been fantastic! Well made gear, responsive... view more

 by Peach on The Vice
Best cage I've ever worn!

My sissy pussy cage arrived earlier today and I've been wearing it since. It felt amazing taking it out of the box, and ... view more

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