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by Roxana Rae on The Vice
The solution for all Key holders

As The One True Size Queen of Small Penis Humiliation, I have made it a priority to put tiny inadequate dicks in chastity and keep them locked up and Pussy Free! The biggest (or should I say smallest) problem that I run into, however, is that some of My tiny slave boys are just too small for the conventional and even small model chastity devices on the market today. This "little" problem kept coming up again and again with My live in cuckold sissy slave as she would slip out of her devices and could not find a proper fit for her tiny micropenis. I have encountered similar issues with other submissives that are under 2 inches and had searched relentlessly for a device that would provide a secure and reliable fit for the smallest slaves in My stable. The search for a reliable and secure male chastity device recently came to an end however, thanks to the new "Vice mini" model introduced by the quality chastity experts at Locked In Lust. The innovative "Vice" design is now available in a reliable "mini" model that provides a proper, secure fit for males 2 inches and under. The ultimate test of reliability for this Vice mini came as I tested the device on My live in cuckold sissy slave, who had been previously unable to find a device that keep his tiny cock securely locked for Me in chastity. The "Vice mini" proved to be a game changer for My live in cuckold and all of My smallest submissive slaves that had previously been unable to find a proper device to keep them securely locked in chastity for Roxy. I highly recommend "The Vice mini" to all Key holders and subs in search of a proper fitting device for modestly endowed males.

by Moxy on The Vice
Really real chastity!!

So im just past week two in the Vice Mini
and its still very comfortable and easy to
clean and conceal and keep dry! Many times
have I been horny and stopped mid masturbatory
reach by this devilish little device..
..if you are a fan of male chastity
this is a must! Additionally the extra key
withholding service is amazing!

by Alexander on The Vice

It cracked down the middle after a few weeks but other then that it is really good and cant even complain about that because i sent a email in to tell them and they are sending me a new free of charge i hope this one does crack because i have really enjoyed this one over the other chastity device i havr had

by Donna on The Vice
Great Product

My husband has worn the Vice for 8 days without any problems. I, like another reviewer, superglued the smallest spacer to the cage. That makes it much faster for him to put it on with virtually no pinching. It is very secure but after a few days he does ocassionly have a testicle painfully pop thru the ring. The next time I cage him, after two days, I'm going to make him use the next size smaller ring and his balls should be very secure or he will really be in a lot of pain if his ball or balls slip thru:) He said its often difficult to apply the anti pullout device without severe pinching but hey, that's his problem. The vice is very easy to clean and there is no smell after extended wear. If I could make any changes, I would eliminate the little bit of flex in the device and woul add a smaller spacer to make the ball trap more effective. Overall it's a good product and I would buy it again.

by Tom on The Vice
Review update

So i bought the vice plus a few weeks ago. I tried it on and found the right sizes to fit snuggly and securely. In my first review i had a couple of concerns about the pieces rocking back and forth too much, which led me to a concern about future breakage. I wore it off and on for a couple days to make sure it was a proper fit and that the other sized pieces werent going to be getting used. What i did to alleviate my concerns was to super glue the spacer to the cage to eliminate any rocking that was occuring. This performed a double duty, as it also took the sharper corners of the apacer out of play due to the fact that they were now part of the cage. Shortly after that my wife locked me up. Its been a week of constant wear and i have not had even one issue. Its super comfortable and its turned our sex life back around. I cant remember any time my wife wanted to play everyday. I know its a new toy and all, but it sparked something in her i could only dream of. Dont wait, get one! You wont be sorry.

by Derrick on The Vice
Best Device I've Ever Had!

Just wanted to say I recently got the Vice and it is the best device I have ever had! You guys definitely took the best of the CB series and made it so much better!

by Db on The Vice

A few months back I cheated on my wife, in our bed With her best friend. I thought my wife was asleep until i started fertilizing her friends stomache. She started moaning as i was exploding. My wife woke up and you would of thought I was storming the beaches of normady, Absolute war broke out. Long story short my wife and I figured things out.
One night i myself passed out and it was time for pay back. I woke up in the morning to notice that I was stuck in chasity with a pad lock full of super glue and the out side coated with epoxy. 24/7 with no hope insite of getting out. Unless im a pleasing her. I have not been able touch myself since. Well to her knowing, in my old chasity i was able to slip out of the back do what i wanted and i would then put it away. That was working until she walked into the bathroom and saw what i had done.
So she did a little bit of home work, and i have now been stuck in this locked in lust chasity. It has been really comfortable, it would have been nice if they would of round some of the corners more. I also wish they would of made the anti pull out system less reliable. So i could get out of this thing, there is absolutley no way out. They also desinged this thing so you can not get full erect. You can get hard but your cock will not move, so that can be punishing at times. Overall i love it, and would diffently recomend this to any one who is going to be stuck for a long time.

by White vice on The Vice

First thoughts seemed well made and quick shipping.
Have been using a holy trainer short off and on. I did buy the standard vice and have had a hard time with the taperred cage is a very tight fit. The xl ring is also very small I get skin overlapping. I am able to go around 72 hrs before I start to need it off for cleaning.

by Miau Miau on The Vice
A cuckold's wish come true

My cucky hubby has been trying to get the perfect chastity device to wear comfortably for almost three years. We tried three different models before The VIce came along and made his dream come true. It is extremely easy to put on, really comfy to wear and the locking system is terrific. In the past he complained about the device's parts pinching his "parts" every time he tried to lock it. With The Vice it doesn't happen at all. It comes with a wide range of pieces for a better fit and even the lock itself looks cool. This chastity cage is the most customizable one we've seen so far, and has delivered the best experience for us on regards of enforced chastity. Having a happy cuck makes me a happy hotwife.

by Tom on The Vice
Hopeful success

I bought the vice plus after measuring everything a few times. My first attempt at putting it on had me thinking it was too small, but after letting the excitement shrivel so to speak, i was able to get myself all the way into the tube. Im 7 1/2 when erect and i completley fill the tube when flaccid. Its comfortable to wear so far. My only concern would be that the cage rocks side to side and lifts up away from my balls, causing the pieces to not be in contact with each other. I could see breakage happening in the future due to this. I use the anti pullout and that is exactly what it does too. I cant pull out even If i want to. I do believe having a larger cock helps with the device working so well, due to the amount of skin available for it to mold around. Im currently using the large pullout but i think that ill try a smaller one for added security. Over all i am very pleased and would recommend getting yourself one. Just make sure and measure several times before deciding on which model to purchase.

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From the Testers


“The Vice is an exciting new device which crushes the competition. No more fumbling for pins while trying to put the device on. The sturdy and well build cage attaches to the base ring with ease. Once on, you will see how easy it is to forget your locked. Comfort is great with its rounded base ring and smoothed cage edges. And if your an escape artist, be forewarned… it’s not going to be that easy anymore! The security of The Vice is second to none with the addition of the built-in anti-pullout security feature. Trying to get out will leave you feeling defeated and raw. If the feeling of frustration is what you crave, The Vice will deliver!!!”    – AJ

“A perfectly evil device that has obviously had a lot of thought and development put into it, having also been a late stage prototype tester I can without doubt say all my concerns were listened to and the communication with this company is excellent. A well built device that you’ll love to hate and your partner will just love.”           – T. Parkes

“After trying many devices I was looking for a device that is comfortable and most of all secure. The Vice is made from a material that is stronger and less resistant to splitting then other devices but still comfortable enough for long term wear. The anti-pull out design works very well at preventing pull out, and would be incredibly hard to get back in if defeated. I definitely recommend it over other devices and believe it to be one of the best in the market.”              – Jay

“After receiving the demo, I was a bit skeptical about the anit-pullout portion of The Vice.  It looked menacing; same as the spikes as other devices.  After giving it a try, I found the anti-pullout system quite comfortable.  With some work, I’m able to slip out of other devices.  I gave myself two days to try my hardest to pull out of The Vice with no luck.  The Engineering of The Vice and its anti-pullout is solid and does not cause pain, injury, or harm like the spikes of other devices.”                – J.R.