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Crotch Rocket Reviews

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Crotch Rocket
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by fofo
great product and great team good job thanks

great product and great team good job thanks

 by Paul
Mind blowing

Wow! The harness fits amazing, fits perfectly around cage plenty of adjustment. I barley notice it on. The control i have with it is amazing and the wife loves it, she absolutely loves the premium dildo so life like. I can really blow her mind while i get frustrated as hell, but i am so pleased i can please my wife so well.

I can’t fuck her enough with it, I can’t see me getting out of this cage anytime soon. Oh and the wife loves putting the new spikes in the micro cage we just got. Especially while i am fucking her with the premium dildo they are nasty (in a very pleasurable way) just wish she wouldn’t leave them in all night ? thanks for the great products team!!

 by Satisfied Mistress
Premium Dildo = MUST Buy!

Oh. my. God! The Crotch Rocket harness by Locked In Lust is fabulous and fits my partner perfectly. It's easy to put on and is made of really lovely leather that feels good against the skin. He said that it was comfortable and the whole thing rubbed up against his cock *just* enough to be even more frustrating while he was fucking me. But even more amazing than the harness is their premium dildo. This dildo is SO lifelike that if I were to be blindfolded and fucked with that and then with a cock of the same size, I honestly don't know that I would be able to tell the difference. We just ordered a second one so I can give him a taste of what it's like to have a real cock in his ass. 😉 10/10 cannot recommend this product enough!

 by MaleDenial
Oh man the frustration

Definitely have to rate this high because this is a great product. I love the fact the harness is very comfortable even when wearing a cock cage. But the frustration of going through all the movements of sex AND watching your "cock" fucking your partner while feeling absolutely nothing but the unyielding sides of the cage, such an incredibly frustrating experience.

Highly recommend this harness.

 by Mistress Carla and tom
Crotch Rocket? and dildos

Package arrived yesterday and wow! The quality of the harness is great. Nice and thick but completely soft as well. Lots of holes for adjustments and the right fit. My Mistress was super happy about the dildos as well. She was so taken with the lifelike feel of the 7 inch that she had me compare squeezing my cock to squeezing the dildo. They are so similar that if the dilo was warm and you had your eyes close, it would be very difficult to tell them apart. The 9 inch was also very lifelike but not as hard when you squeeze it, but i cant wait to have Mistress use it. All said and done, everything was great and i highly recommend buying them. You cant beat the price and quality.