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Social Media Monthly Giveaway

We have designed a monthly contest for all of our social media followers to win free products with us! This contest is currently available on Twitter and Tumblr, and we run a separate contest for each platform – so being active on each platform allows you to have multiple opportunities to win!
How it works: Like, Share, and Comment our posts and content more than anyone else for the month! That’s it! We will choose the most active follower each month as the winner.
Only quality and genuine interactions will be qualified for the most engaged follower monthly reward. If a follower starts spamming, or is suspected of spamming, the engagement with repeated reblogs or comments on the same piece of content, they will be disqualified from that month’s reward, and it will be given to the next honorable follower. Repeat offenders will be permanently disqualified from the monthly giveaway.
  1. No repeating reblogs – each reblog must be from a new piece of content
  2. No spamming comments
  3. Prizes are set and cannot be skipped
  4. You can win as many times as you want, but not consecutive months
  5. Excessive disparaging and slanderous remarks will result in disqualification
  6. Your profile must have other content posted/shared, and cannot be a direct copy of our profile’s timeline
PRIZES: (in order of wins)
  1. The Vice in your color Choice
  2. The Crotch Rocket Strap-On
  3. Any Dildo (Regular/Premium)
  4. Penis Gag
  5. Anal Kit
  6. Any item under $80 (excludes Gift Cards and Secure Key Exchange)
All wins after 6 provides the same reward as #6
Note: This contest can be updated or changed at any time. We recommend saving this page for future reference to ensure you have the best chance of winning every month.