Benefits of Male Chastity

There are countless benefits of male chastity to delve into! Some of the most predominant and noticeable benefits include greater intimacy between couples, higher sex drive and libido, an overall happier life, and for dominant/submissive couples – the perfect tool to surrender/take control. Let’s break down these major benefits and highlight a few other outlying benefits of male chastity as well.

Greater Intimacy – One of the most desirable benefits of male chastity happens shortly after the lock is closed shut for the first time. After the submissive gets their first restricted erection after being locked, sexual tension and frustration quickly flare up, and the submissive feels like they must channel it somehow. This frustration will build and the submissive will begin to find their keyholder irresistable. The keyholder will start receiving more frequent compliments, more affection and love, their submissive becomes more romantic, and has much more gratitude. Male chastity creates the dream partner!

Higher Sex Drive – Another glaring benefit is the higher sex drive that naturally comes as a result of the greater intimacy. As the pent of frustration and tension continues to build, it’ll begin to overflow and the sex drive and libido begin to consume the submissive. They will want to pleasure their keyholder All-Of-The-Time. Their satisfaction becomes synonymous with their keyholder’s satisfaction. The longer the submissive is locked, the better their skills become in the bedroom.

Teasing, Teasing, & More Teasing – This is probably one of the most important benefits of male chastity. Teasing, and lot’s of it! All of the benefits of male chastity previously mentioned will work with just minimal teasing. However, teasing is a must. Chastity is much like a campfire, if you don’t continue to gradually add wood (teasing) to it, it will eventually cool down and die, and require a great deal of effort to spark up again. The same is also true in reverse; if you continue to add more and more wood to the fire at the right times, it can blaze up into a massive bonfire of lust and frustration – magnifying all of the aforementioned benefits!

The Perfect Dom/Sub Tool – For couples into the BDSM lifestyle, a male chastity device is the perfect tool to add to your arsenal. Whether you’re looking to take away and control your slave’s ‘favorite toy’, using it for training or behavior correction, or even just as another punishment you can administer; the possibilities are endless! One of the benefits of male chastity you will receive from your slave is complete servitude. By controlling their orgasms, you can control the slave easier than you had ever imagined possible!