COVID-19 Backorder Pricing

Due to the Coronavirus (CoVID-19), we are experiencing a prolonged delivery for our next shipment of inventory. As a result, we will likely be running out of inventory on a handful of various chastity devices.
Rather than wait for the inventory to arrive before we start selling our devices again, we will be offering a pre-order/backorder sale on any out of stock chastity device. The earlier in the year we run out, the bigger the discount will be (for the longer wait time). We will gradually increase the pre-order price for our devices as we get closer to receiving our inventory.
Our current estimated receiving date for inventory is late September/early October. We are doing everything we can to try and receive the inventory sooner. However, as things on a global scale are still quite uncertain, we are not sure if that will happen, and there is a small possibility that it may be longer before we receive our shipment.
We will be offering a 100% refund on all pre-orders up until the day the order ships.