Power & Control

An obvious benefit of chastity described previously is the power it provides the keyholder. There is an undeniable power rush the keyholder receives from being the only person that can unlock the male chastity device on their submissive. The submissive cannot even get an erection without the aid of their keyholder.

In addition to the power rush, another of the benefits of male chastity is the control itself. This is not for everyone, but many submissives love to be controlled. As a keyholder, you can make your submissive do more chores around the house, run errands for you, or handle any other menial tasks you find distasteful. Failure for the submissive to do so would result in being in their male chastity device for longer periods of time. This gives the submissive a very quick attitude adjustment!

These are a handful of the most predominant benefits of chastity. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.