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SKE Keyholder Application


Are you a keyholder looking to join the SKE program?

The Secure Key Exchange (SKE) offers keyholders a safe and discrete way to interact with their clients/subs. We understand and respect your need for privacy in this endeavor, which is why it is our top concern and our intention behind this service.
The SKE offers an additional layer of privacy and protection for you by effectively making us (LL Creations LLC) the middle-man between client and keyholder. By doing so, you would not have to provide your client with your mailing address (either physical or a box) to receive the keys, rendering your location completely anonymous.

How it Works

Simply fill out the application below with as much information as you can. Please include all social media handles that you use to interact with clients, as this is how they will locate you. We will review the application and email you once it is live (usually within 48 hours).
After you receive the email, you will be discoverable by your clients on Secure Key Exchange. They will locate you using the social media handles you provide in the application below.
Once a client has selected you, they will either choose to purchase a lock from us, or use their lock and mail you the keys. Here is how we handle each scenario:
  • Purchase Lock: When a client purchases one of our locks, we will ship the padlock to them, and the keys directly to you.
  • Use Own Lock: When the client wishes to use their lock and mail you the keys, we will provide them a template with our mailing address on it upon checkout. We will create an order with your mailing address (they will not have access to this information) for future use. They will then mail the keys to us with their order number on the envelope. We will match it to the order created for you, and repackage it from our facility, and ship it to you.
You will receive an email with their selection, and their request will be under review for 24 hours, or until you approve/deny their request.
When you are ready to mail the keys back to the client, feel free to use our mailing address as the return address to keep your information anonymous.
And that’s all!

Subscriptions & Pricing:

After you are approved, you can select your subscription level from the keyholder settings page in your account. There are 3 different subscription levels available:
  • Discoverable on the Secure Key Exchange Program
  • Access to Keyholder Dashboard to manage all customers
  • Create a Custom URL to let customers find you
  • Protected Privacy of having LL Creations as the Middleman
  • Monthly: $6.95
  • All Standard Benefits
  • Access to Public Keyholder List so visiting customers can find you without searching
  • Rotated in Monthly Newsletters which sends out to 10,000+ subscribers
  • Monthly: $9.95
Premium + LiL Mailbox
Annual payments are available and give you 2 Months FREE!
Note: Please keep your payment information up-to-date as a declined payment will result in a temporary suspension from the program until payment is made.


Please fill out the form below:


Keyholder Form

How customers will see you

Mailing Address:

Please add one or more social profiles below:

Use '@' when necessary (i.e. @lockedinlust - Twitter)
Without a social profile, you cannot be found on the Secure Key Exchange!

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*By submitting this form, you agree to the Secure Key Exchange Legal Disclaimers.