Crotch Rocket Strap-On


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Waist: Minimum – 34″ / Maximum – 52″
Under*: Minimum – 15.5″ / Maximum – 24″
The Crotch Rocket Strap-On is the ultimate strap-on device in the world! The base of the strap-on was designed to conform around the male genitalia, making this strap-on extremely comfortable for men. This strap-on is also the ideal solution for females as well! The additional room provides additional access to the female genitalia, making it easier than ever to get yourself off while wearing it!
This unique design is also the long-awaited solution for everyone in male chastity. Now you can comfortably wear your chastity device AND this strap-on, without either getting in the way. That’s right! You can now please your partner without having to unlock yourself from chastity!
Best of all, one size will fit nearly everyone! We included a wide range of sizing (see above) with this strap-on to make it as versatile as possible.
The Crotch Rocket Strap-On can add new dimensions of fun in the bedroom, limited only by your imagination!
* To measure the underneath portion, get a piece of string and measure from the front of your waist line, underneath the genitals between the legs, to the equivalent waist line on the back. Mark it off and measure the distance.
** This is our first order of these strap-on’s. So if you do not see your size, please email your measurements at [email protected], and we will try to incorporate the requested sizes in the future.

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