Prostate Massager



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Looking to give your submissive some relief without unlocking them from their device? Or are you just looking to add to their frustration? The standard and vibrating prostate massagers will help you regardless of your motive!
Use the standard massager to have maximum control over how much pleasure/relief your submissive can experience, and how close you wish to bring them to a milking.
Use the vibrating massager for even more exciting fun. This intense vibration can quickly bring your submissive to a P-spot orgasm and milk them quickly. For added fun, you can can turn the vibrator on/off directly from the remote, giving you endless possibilities for usage around the house, or elsewhere…
Vibrating massager details:
  • Waterproof deisgn
  • 1 Hour Usage Time
  • 10 Different Vibration Settings
  • WARMING BUTTON – this massager has a WARM button to warm up the device for a unique sensation

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