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Mistress Lust
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Sissy P
The Best

It must be getting late for you, before your clock strikes midnight, let me tell you Happy Valentine's Day, Mistress Lust. Thank you for putting you foot forward and down for all those who crave your attention. Thank you so much for the secret role you play in my life and all the others. Thank you for your unparalleled commitment to keeping boys chaste. You are an extraordinary woman.

Have sweet, mouth-watering, dreams, Mistress. May all your wants, wishes, and desires be fulfilled, as you have done for me and so many others. In another world, you play the role of a saint.

You've made a lot of boys happy this Valentine's and I hope those boys are able to return those favors. Sweet, sweet dreams.

 by Sissy M
Always my Mistress

Thank you for being such an amazing Keyholder and Mistress in our time together. I will be definately be booking again. You were supportive as well as dominant and I feel a better person and sissy for knowing you.

 by Sissy J
Mistress Lust is the best Mistress ever!

Mistress Lust is the most kindest Mistress and knows where the boundaries are. She know how to push me to be a better sissy. Mistress Lust is the best mistress ever. She knows how to push you to your limits and is the best to talk to.

 by Roger Wilson
Mistress Lust

Mistress Lust is the best. She's strict yet takes your personal situation into account and sets up the best situations she can over the Internet. Would highly recommend her service. I love being her chastity slave.

 by Slave E
Thank you Mistress Lust

I finally have received my key and unlocked. I had one of the most explosive orgasms I've ever had. Thank you for allowing me that pleasure and being my keyholder for the past week or so! Like you asked I lucked up my mess after. I am looking forward to the next time where I can lock up for a longer amount of time and our next interactions. Thank you so much again for everything Mistress Lust! You own me completely and still own me even when I am not locked.