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The secure key exchange is a keyholder’s most preferred way of receiving keys. With the secure key exchange, we become the middle-man between customer and keyholder. We created this service to protect the personal identities of all keyholder’s enrolled in this program, and offer a safe environment for sending and receiving keys. By doing so, more keyholder’s are willing to participate in offering their services to customers just like you!


How The Secure Key Exchange Works

1) Odds are you are a submissive ordered to come here by your keyholder/keyholder-to-be. If you do not have a keyholder already, feel free to browse our Keyholder List for verified keyholders, or you can look for one on many social media platforms!
1) Now that you have your soon-to-be keyholder picked out, the next step is to choose whether you will be purchasing a lock and keys from us, or using your own lock and mailing your keys to us. If you purchase one from us, it will be a plain padlock, we will mail the keys to your keyholder, and the padlock to yourself. If you use your own lock, we will provide you a mailing template to send us the keys to (more info on this below), which we will then forward to your keyholder.
2) Once you’ve made your key selection, the next step is to put in your keyholders’ social media account name (not case sensitive) and choose which social platform it belongs to. Once you have entered it in correctly, click the search button. If entered correctly, a photo of your keyholder will show up on the left, and you are ready to check out this service! Simply add to cart and check out now or continue browsing the shop for other delectable items! Once you check out with this service, your entire order will be placed on a temporary hold (up to 24 hours) while the keyholder reviews your request.


Important Information

If you choose to use your own lock and mail the keys to us, we will provide you a mailing template after the keyholder has approved your request. WE RECOMMEND printing off the address and taping it to the envelope to avoid mistakes. In the same email as the template, there will be an order number. Please write that order number on the bottom right corner of the envelope, as this will be used to mail your keys to the correct keyholder (from our end).
As a submissive, if you wish to keep you personal identity private, we recommend using a submissive name instead of your own in the return address portion of the envelope (upper left corner). You could always leave the return address blank as well. Please keep in mind, with either of these two choices, it greatly increases the chance of losing your keys should you forget to write down the order number on the envelope.
Locked in Lust®, their associates, and the keyholders are NOT responsible for any lost or misplaced keys. Please be sure you double- and triple-check your address prior to mailing anything!
Locked in Lust® and their associates are offering a solution to protect the privacy of their customer base. Locked in Lust® and their associates are not privy to, nor responsibile for, anything that happens after the keys are mailed, and by ordering this service, you agree to all the terms above.
By purchasing this product/service, you are agreeing to the Secure Key Exchange Legal Disclaimers.

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