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Mistress Task List Submission

Current Number of Tasks: 322

Welcome! And thank you for your interest in helping us build the task list for The Lust Lounge!
As mentioned, we are looking for help to increase the number of submissive tasks/assignments for the lounge, and we are willing to pay you for your help! We will pay for each and every task you submit to us. Our goal is to reach more than 500 total and unique tasks, all of varying difficulty ratings. Here are the only rules:
  • Any and all tasks are welcomed!
  • Identical tasks will be counted only once
    1. Paint your toes Pink
    2. Paint your toes Red
    3. Get a French Pedicure


    1. Wash your car wearing a Bikini
    2. Wash your car wearing a French Maid Outfit
  • There are no limits to the number of tasks you can submit
  • Please submit your task list as a Word Doc or Google Doc
And That’s It!



We will pay you $3 for every unique task that you provide to us that meets the requirements above, and that we do not already have. To ensure your time and talent isn’t wasted, we will also be paying you $1 for every task that you submit to us that we do already have!
EXAMPLE: If you submit 100 tasks to us, and 30 are unique, and 70 are ones we already have. You will get paid $160 (30 x $3 = $90 & 70 x $1 = $70)
Additionally… if you submit 100 or more tasks (regardless if we already have them or not), we will give you FREE Lifetime Premium Level Access to the Lounge ($240/yr value).
Furthermore… We will also give the top 3 largest task submitters a copy of our task list (before any Dom submissions have been added).

If you are interested, simply provide your email and attach your task list, and we will reach out to you once it has been reviewed!
Please Note: We are going through the task lists by hand. It will take us some time to go through all of the tasks and verify which ones are unique and which ones we already have. And we will be doing this for multiple Doms. We greatly appreciate your patience with us on this endeavor. We will be going through the task lists first-come, first-served, and we will email you after we have sorted through your task list.