Additional Chastity Ring (Curved with Strap Anchor)


Universal Chastity Ring for Several Chastity Devices. (See Compatible Devices)
Ring Sizes Available: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 mm
Testicle Separation Bar Option Available! (see details below)

Earn up to 35 Points.


These Curved Chastity Rings with Anchor Straps are designed to be universal among several chastity devices. See Compatible Devices below.
Have you ever wished and wanted an easier way to fasten a chastity strap to your device other than squeezing it underneath the ring? With these new chastity strap anchors, now you can easily change your strap out without having to unlock or finesse it through the ring!
After fully assembling your preferred chastity device onto your body, the strap anchors make it easy to loop your chastity strap through, fasten it shut, and quickly secure your device to your body. This is also great for bathing and not worrying about getting your favorite strap wet! Simply slip the strap back on after your bath/shower and you’re back in secure chastity!
Testicle Separation Bar
This ring also comes with an optional testical separation bar (TSB). The TSB is designed more for asthetics than functionality, keeping the testicles held up rather than sagging. Having the testicles lifted and separated with the ball at the top turns your locked cock into a picture perfect look!

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Product Dimensions:

Ring Sizes:
  • Small – 40 mm
  • Medium – 45 mm
  • Large – 50 mm
  • X-Large – 55 mm


Compatible Devices:


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40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm


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