Adjustable Nipple Clamp Bells (Red/Black)


These Nipple Clamps with Bell are size Adjustable with a simple twist of the tension rod!

Tit torture or Nipple pleasure? You decide.


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Adjustable Nipple Clamp Bells (Red/Black)

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These Nipple Clamps with Bells are great for humiliation and sissification, or for those who just love nipple play!

The clamps come with bells, so they can also be used to hear when your submissive is coming (or moving when not supposed to). You can also choose to clamp them onto the sleeves or shoes and have your submissive run some errands for a bit of humiliation play, having everyone in earshot hearing them come.

Adjustable Nipple Clamps: additional Information

You can adjust these nip clamps to your desired pinch intensity, and then clamp them on your nipples to give a delightful pinching sensation to the nipples. The nipples will be sensitive after removal which can be fun for added stimulation and TT (Tit Torture).


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