Basic Chastity Straps


Elastic Strap Fits Waists 26″ to 68″
Available Colors: Black / White / Pink

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Basic Chastity Straps

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Are you tired of your chastity cage slipping forward/off of you? Do you want your cage to feel more snug and secure than ever before? Then this elastic chastity strap is exactly what you have been waiting for!
The elastic chastity strap can be used during the assembly of your chastity device, or even after the device has been fully assembled (although this can be difficult for certain cages).

Using a Chastity Strap:

  1. Place chastity ring around genitals
  3. Slide one end of the elastic chastity strap through the chastity ring and snap it shut with the button
    • It is recommended to us the first button to give the most room for the next step
  5. Wrap the strap behind you, and pull it around to the front. Be sure there are no twists
  7. Slide the other end of the elastic strap through the chastity ring and snap it on the first or second button (whichever feels better)
  9. If you desire for the strap to be even tighter, change the first button (from #2) to the tighter button
Now this chastity strap will comfortably hold the device to your body. The strap can also get wet and be used during bathing, but special attention should be used when drying to prevent wet clothes.

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  • Elastic Band Fits Waists from 26-68″ (66-173 cm)
  • Available in 3 Colors: Black, White, and Pink

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White, Pink, Black