Chastity Confession Letter


The Easiest and Most Convenient Way to Tell Your Partner About Chastity.
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Chastity Confession Letter

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Many people wish to tell their significant other about their desire to be locked into a chastity device; however, the fear of telling your partner about this fantasy can be paralyzing.
We believe everyone deserves the opportunity of experiencing chastity on an intimate level with the one closest to them. Which is why we created two chastity confession letters – a vanilla (or a subtle) confession, and a kinky confession (details on each option detailed below). These letters will ease your partner into your desire of wanting to be locked up and having them as the keyholder, and concludes it by allowing them time to digest the fantasy and ask you any questions they may have.
The confession letter is easiest way to inform your partner about your fantasy, and bridge the gap between a fantasy, and making it a reality!

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Vanilla Letter

This is great for couples whom don’t delve too deep into the kinky world, or haven’t already introduced kink into the bedroom. It is also a great option for a kinky couple, but looking for a more subtle confession to their partner. This letter does not involve anything kinky other than the chastity confession, which is brought on very slow, and eased off just as slow. This is a well-rounded, suitable for most situations letter.
If your partner agrees, it is recommended to start off slow in the beginning with chastity play, and slowly build from there.

Kinky Letter

This is a preferred letter for kinky couples already using an array of toys in the bedroom. The chastity confession comes on a bit stronger, but incorporates it with the already kinky lifestyle shared between each other; especially if your partner is already the Dom. This letter will breathe more passion and excitement into the confession, and more easily bring your partner on board compared to the Vanilla Letter.
If your partner agrees, you may still wish to start off slow, but you can delve deeper into your chastity fantasy more quickly than the Vanilla Letter will allow.

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