Prostate Milking Wand


Drain the orgasm from your submissive with this Prostate Milking Wand.

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Prostate Milking Wand


Is giving your submissive a ruined orgasm too much pleasure for them? Wouldn’t you rather milk the sticky goo out of them? The Prostate Milking Wand will allow you to do just that!
Slide this wand in and out the rectum, massaging the prostate, and your submissive will start leaking semen out of their cage without any other stimulation! It makes for an extremely frustrating experience, as the pressure will be relieved from the balls, but the frustration will be even more intense than before you started. And for the true cockteasers out there, you can milk everything out of your submissive, and then offer them a regular orgasm after… watch them squirm in desperation as they try to acheive orgasm, but it never comes (nor will your submissive).

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