Timer Lock


This Chastity Timer Lock is great for self bondage and self chastity, and to safely experience an inescapable chastity playtime.

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Timer Lock

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TIME to get restrained… How long is up to you (or your Dom).

The timer lock is a must have for your chastity toy box. The timer chastity lock can be used if you want to practice safe self-bondage and self chastity, lock your chastity keys in a value, or even use it on your chastity device!

It can be used for a variety of other purposes as well if you are trying to stay disciplined and trying to fight the urge to break a bad habit, you can simply lock it away!

Chastity Timer Lock Additional Information

  • The timer lock can go up to 99 HOURS + 59 MINUTES (4 days + 4 hours).
  • It is not waterproof, so if it is being used for chastity, ensure it does not get wet when bathing.
  • The timer lock runs on a rechargeable battery.
  • This item does not fit The Vice


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