What is Male Chastity?

Male chastity is a practice of locking up the male genitalia into a chastity device (commonly referred to as a cock cage). The purpose of male chastity in the 21st century is most commonly used in BDSM play. In such a scenario the submissive is locked into a male chastity device by the dominant (referred to as a keyholder). The keyholder holds all the keys to the securely fastened chastity device and is the only person whom decides when (or “if”) the chastity device can come off. The length of time is determined by the keyholder, and can vary from a few hours to a 24/7 continual chastity lifestyle.


Submissives and dominants alike enjoy male chastity for the surrender/control it offers. The submissive is surrendering their most important organ, and one that can offer the greatest amount of pleasure. While the dominant has full control over said organ during the time spent in the chastity device. During the time the submissive is in a chastity device, he is unable to obtain a full erection. The submissive also cannot have an orgasm until the chastity device comes off.


This experience sounds unpleasant; however, it can be extremely pleasurable. When the submissive attempts to become erect while in this chastity cage, he will only swell up inside, which feels like a firm grip. This builds arousal in the submissive, which can continue to build over time. This pent up arousal can even become more intense than the orgasm they so desire. Once the submissive is freed from male chastity to have their long awaited orgasm, it will be more intense than any other orgasm he has ever experienced in his life. The longer the submissive is in a male chastity device, the more intense the final orgasm will be.