Orgasms For The Key Holder

Another one of the benefits of male chastity is that their keyholders’ orgasms will become much more frequent… and intense! As the arousal of denial builds in the submissive from being in a male cock cage, he will want to take his sexual frustration out on his keyholder. The submissive will constantly be thinking about sex with their keyholder while in their male chastity device. When any small opportunity presents itself, sparks will fly. Oral skills become noteworthy very quickly, but the submissive can please their keyholder in a number of other ways. Usually with their hands, with toys, or even with a strap on! As time passes and the submissive has built up their frustration in the male chastity device, they will exert more of that sexual energy toward the keyholder. Ultimately giving better and better orgasms the longer they are locked.

The orgasms are one the favorite benefits of male chastity shared by submissives and keyholders alike. The submissive enjoys making their keyholder feel good and giving them many orgasms. Submissives especially enjoy giving an orgasm without getting one in return. The keyholder of course gets to enjoy the mind boggling interdimensional orgasms they receive.

Before leaving the topic of orgasms, we cannot forget about the submissive in the male chastity device’s orgasm. This is probably the greatest of the benefits of male chastity the submissive can look forward to. All the time pent up in denial in their male cock cage causes the skin to be hyper sensitive. This hyper sensitivity feels better than anything they’ve ever experienced before. When they finally experience an orgasm, it will be single-handedly the best orgasm they’ve had in their life. And the longer they’re in male chastity, the more intense it becomes!