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The Vice
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by bruce richardson on The Vice
the vice plus

i bought this in august 19 quick delivery,was very easy to set up and fit have worn it everyday since its so comfortable ,its easy to remove and clean and replace afterwards can shower or bath with it on to my key holder removes it once a week to clean,i love it want the next size down and the mini to

by MalaCoura on The Vice
Cut vs uncut vs humidity

I absolutely love this cage! Light, comfortable, and the additional sizes are great! So for my negative experience - completely my fault- I'm uncut and used the small size anti-pullout, uncut causes higher moisture in that region already and it had been raining so super high humidity everywhere. I was excited that after a couple hours, i forgot i was wearing it. I was released for hygiene after 48 hours and the anti-pullout had stuck my foreskin and actually removed a couple layers of skin causing scabs on both sides as it healed. It's probably listed on here somewhere to use a baby powder or moisture absorbing powder to assist with similar problems but i didn't see that. So i learned my lesson. Mistress loves this cage, though she wishes it had a better style of lock like a pin lock instead of a padlock design. I love the padlock and the clack it makes against the cage during activity/ work/ play. Once the skin fully healed, I'm in it permanently now and I couldn't be happier!

by Ross on The Vice

I really like the concept. But when I get, uhm..., excited, it really pushes. Such that the seam down the middle starts to nip at the skin. Which if allowed to go on long enough will not have pleasant results.

If this were made out of some material that didn't require being made in two parts, it would be perfect and I'd give it 5 stars.

by todd on The Vice
Vice Plus

There is some negativity to this review, but overall it’s positive. The quality of the Vice Plus is too notch. There are plenty of spare parts to size correctly. There are no square or possible sharp edges, it’s smooth all over. 👍 BUT, it is still not large enough to fit if you have some girth. I cannot get into the cage without some real work and even then it’s not as comfortable as I believe it was designed to be. I have some length as well, and the extender pieces work well for that issue. I’m hoping the next model is bigger to hold us size guys in. Thanks 😊

by Jordan on The Vice

I have a large cock and when I found the plus I was really excited however unfortunately I was not able to fit into the plus. 🙁

by Mark on The Vice
Dare I say perfect

You never really know, even with reviews, just how great something is going to be until you try it yourself. I've had multiple chastity cages in the past and they've left me wanting. After buying The Vice, I couldn't possibly be happier! It's everything it claims to be and so much more. It's easily the most comfortable chastity device I've ever worn, totally painless, and easy for long-wear. I couldn't gush over this thing enough. Well beyond worth the price! Just perfect.

by Justin on The Vice
Excellent chastity

Excellent chastity the best the best I’ve used yet the only thing I’d like to see is a vice with a urethral insert

by Norman on The Vice
Good but..

Very good chastity Device but not 100% Inescapable chastity for some people unless your willing to make things really tight. For some people the Anti-Pullout it not small enough. And the Tube even on the Mini is to long. Know this from talking to a few people on a Fetish Site who has had some these issues like myself. That being Said its a Well made device. One the best I bought. Just just not 100% Inescapable.

by David on The Vice
Great product

So i got the vice a month ago and i love it. Its as comfortable as you would want a cage, comes with a variety of sizing options, and the anti pullout works well (a little to well if you ask me as when i wear it to sleep i get woken up by the anti pullout pinching my "morning wood" in a very painful way.

by Jeff on The Vice
The Vice standard - exactly what I wanted

This was the third and literally my last try at getting a chastity cage. The two previous models I tried we’re very uncomfortable. Randomly they would pinch causing significant pain and waking me up in the middle of the night. My Locked in Lust Vice Standard was everything I wanted and exactly as advertised. It is lightweight, easy to put on, and the anti-pull out device makes all the difference in the world as I attempt to get an erection and then shrink back down. While it is more Expensive than the other two I tried, if I had purchased it first, it would’ve cost what I spent for the first two. Additionally, the sizing guide and assembly videos were very helpful in selecting the right one and being able to put it on easily. If you are serious about pleasing your mistress through chastity, I highly recommend this product.

by Frank on The Vice
Most perfect chastity device

I have tried three different chastity devices in the past. None worked properly. They would either hurt and pinch, be very uncomfortable, I would slip out and depending on the material I would grow too much when aroused. I would have never been able to sleep in any of the ones I tried in the past. I ordered the Vice plus (I’m not even that big but I knew this would be the right fit). It is amazing. It’s comfortably snug. I am able to sleep with it, work out in it and it feels perfectly amazing. I have never been happier in a chastity device. Thank you for the perfect fit.

by D.D. SMITH on The Vice

Brilliant, everything is just as promised, I will need a few more attempts to get the mini absolutely to my liking, but with all the different sizes included in the box, that will be no problem, thank you Locked in Lust. DD.

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From the Testers


“The Vice is an exciting new device which crushes the competition. No more fumbling for pins while trying to put the device on. The sturdy and well build cage attaches to the base ring with ease. Once on, you will see how easy it is to forget your locked. Comfort is great with its rounded base ring and smoothed cage edges. And if your an escape artist, be forewarned… it’s not going to be that easy anymore! The security of The Vice is second to none with the addition of the built-in anti-pullout security feature. Trying to get out will leave you feeling defeated and raw. If the feeling of frustration is what you crave, The Vice will deliver!!!”    – AJ

“A perfectly evil device that has obviously had a lot of thought and development put into it, having also been a late stage prototype tester I can without doubt say all my concerns were listened to and the communication with this company is excellent. A well built device that you’ll love to hate and your partner will just love.”           – T. Parkes

“After trying many devices I was looking for a device that is comfortable and most of all secure. The Vice is made from a material that is stronger and less resistant to splitting then other devices but still comfortable enough for long term wear. The anti-pull out design works very well at preventing pull out, and would be incredibly hard to get back in if defeated. I definitely recommend it over other devices and believe it to be one of the best in the market.”              – Jay

“After receiving the demo, I was a bit skeptical about the anit-pullout portion of The Vice.  It looked menacing; same as the spikes as other devices.  After giving it a try, I found the anti-pullout system quite comfortable.  With some work, I’m able to slip out of other devices.  I gave myself two days to try my hardest to pull out of The Vice with no luck.  The Engineering of The Vice and its anti-pullout is solid and does not cause pain, injury, or harm like the spikes of other devices.”                – J.R.