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The Vice
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by CockDogg on The Vice
Comfy for long term wear

I've had the Plus for a week and a half & have already gone a few days wearing it without having to remove it. Just a slight readjustment here or there moving around on the job. You don't have to wear the anti pullout clamp if it pinches you too much, but you might slide out the cage if you get an erection and then shrink down small enough. Bonus points for the helpful staff support. they made sure I fit and that there were options even if i were too big for their parts ( which the cage comes with a lot of in case you lose anything)

by JM on The Vice
10 Stars

I've tried quite a few different devices, but all pale in comparison to The Vice. The sizing options available really set it apart from the rest. My wife enjoys hiding the keys around the house, and controlling my habits. Oddly enough, we seem to play more now and I like the look on her face when she tosses my the keys. Good job Locked in Lust! Keep it up!

by Dalton on The Vice
An honest review from 3 months of use

I have now had enough time to properly evaluate the Vice plus over several months of use.

It is very easy to use and attach, the many sizes of the pieces provided allow for finding a good fit and testing what works best.

Its claim of being inescapable after being worn for more than 2 days is entirely false. The device can be removed by simply pulling it forward off, even after 2 days.

Even using the smallest size ring that will fit me, as well as the smallest gap pin available, it does not securely attach to my balls, they can easily slip out.

Even if this weren't the case, the anti-pullout device does nothing other than provide some discomfort wearing it, as well as abrasion after a few days of wear.

It is trivially easy to pull out of the device, just like all other devices of this type, even after 2 days of wear. This is with the smallest anti-pullout provided.

There is another major problem. The lock provided with the device does not lock.

The locking pins don't engage the core and any object inserted into the lock will unlock it when turned, the lock is extremely poor quality.

Do not expect any level of security from this device.

by Ma’am on The Vice
Not inescapable first the intelligent ones

This is only as secure as its lock and key. This is a general lock with an interchangeable key that works for all the same lock. Sooo easy is it to buy a replacement and keep it secretly tucked away from your owner. Unless you buy 95 locks and label the actual lock with a choice of let’s say nailpolish and superglue the hole. Just use a good pair of cutters and make a new lock each time!

by Kins on The Vice
Great service, flimsy parts

I've had my Vice for around a month now, and there's been a lot of ups and downs.

The Cons:

The build quality just.. Really leaves something to be desired for the price, especially the anti-pullouts. The hinge is incredibly weak structurally and just jostling them about in the bag that came with it managed to break not one, but two of them on separate occasions. Right after that, the cage split as well! They really need to go back to the drawing board with the AP's.

The anti-pullouts can really chafe when you get hard in the cage.

The Pros:

Fantastic customer service! When my parts broke I got my replacement from overseas in only a few days.

The vice works really well for what it does! The anti-pullouts do deliver on what they promise.

The different sizes are really incredibly helpful, the first cage I could wear overnight without waking up with numb nuts.

Overall: Fantastic in theory, but just needs to be far more sturdy for the price range to be honest. I'd wait until a new revision comes out before taking the plunge.

by Mikey on The Vice
One Month In The Vice

I got the vice for over a month now and as you can read in locked up in it for a whole month now.

When the package arrived I was so stoked by the looks of it and how the material felt. So light and jet so strong. I love that they deliver a lot of different ring sizes so you can get the sizing right.

The first week I had some struggles with the cage. I had some minor marks of some sharp edges around the ring where it folds. Also the closing ring for the penis was to tight and I got a little wound there.

After the week smoothent out the sharp edges on the ring en tried a different closing size and now it's all perfect. I'm in it for a month now and it's so comfortable. I like all the breathing gaps and how light this material is. In comparison with steel my balls are not gonna hang as mutch. I like to leave it as tight as possible.

by Chore boy on The Vice
Perfect device

I have tried several chastity devices from plastic to metal. Finally we have found one that I can’t escape from. The Vice standard works great! There is no way I will be pulling out of it!

by Newley Caged on The Vice
Vice Plus.

I am pretty new to the whole chastity. My first cage was a metal one called “The Bad Little Boy” on the website that l ordered it from. (Captus on others). It was my first cage and after waiting weeks to get it I received a cage that was basically drop shipoed from China. I liked it but had issues with the ring size. One being to small and the largest being too big. I did some research and found the Vice Plus. It comes with multiple rings , the largest being between the two sizes that I struggled with with my first cage. Before I ordered my Vice Plus I emailed Locked In Lust to make sure I wouldn’t have to wait a month for my Vice to arrive, like I had to with the other company. (Which is one of the first to pop up when you do a chastity google search.) I was emailed back within an hour or two and assured that wouldn’t be the case. I ordered the Vice Plus using two day shipping and received it quickly and on time just as I was told I would. When I opened it I had a question regarding it being the right device. I sent another email and once again was answered almost immediately. After having my question answered I finally got to try it on. The larges ring fit perfectly and having an choice between three spacers to adjust the gap was great. I could get the ring and gap set up exactly how I need it. Much to my disappointment the diameter of the cage itself is too small for me. After fighting with it for 5 minutes I was able to more or less force myself into it using my fingers to push myself into it. While the length was fine It was very tight around me in diameter. The biggest problem is that my skin bunches up and comes out of the slits on the cage as well as bunching up behind it. I didn’t use the anti pull out and other than it being too tight it was still very comfortable. I would also like to note that it would have been a lot easier with a little lube, but would still be too small for me. To sum it all up. The cage seems to be made very well. I put it through the test getting it on and had some fun with the wife with it on after. Unlike my other cage the gap adjustments and ring sizes made it a lot more comfortable than my other cage when getting an erection. While I felt a tug it wasn’t a painful feeling like my testicles were being ripped from my body. I would have given it 5 stars if It would have fit me. Unfortunately I will not be able to use it. I haven’t been able to measure it yet myself. The specs said it was wider than my previous cage. I have a feeling the specs from my previous cage were wrong on the site that I got it from though. As disappointed as I am about spending that much money on a cage that I can’t use I’m hoping that lockedinlust will eventually come out with a wider cage so I can order the cage by itself instead of a whole new setup. Sorry to be so long winded. I would just like to finish this up by saying that I was so impressed with the customer service that I can honestly say that you will not find a better company to deal with anywhere. It was honestly a pleasure doing business with them and hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to order a cage that fits. Until then it’s back to my first o e.

by Randall Lowery on The Vice
Like the Vice

I had to try a couple of different size rings to get everything to stay in during workouts but once i found the right one the vice is inescapable. Chafes a little but i rub on some baby oil and its fine.

by RSavage99 on The Vice
Just right

Received the standard Vice in black (one of my go-to colours) and within a minute new it was the one. The light weight device along with the anti pullouts made it the best cage I've ever invested in. Locked-in-Lust have outdone themselves.

by DirtHub on The Vice
So far SOOOOO good!

My Vice Mini turned up a few weeks ago but sat on the side for a couple of those weeks before my wife decided that it was time to put me away for a while and here I am now, on my fifth day of wearing it.

Upon opening the box and the pouch, the quality of materials seemed good. While there has been talk on various forums about difficulties with assembly, it only took a few minutes to work things out and get it all fastened up. I deliberately chose the smallest of anti-pullouts. Why risk accidental escape?

Day to day and night to night, it's extremely comfortable. In fact, during the day, I don't notice it as much as other devices I have used. I like a certain form of cycling and on day two, during a session on the bike, I took a moment to check things out. On previous devices, "turtling" was a big problem. Not so with The Vice. The anti-pullout was very effective at keeping things in place.

So yeah, it's early days (I'm hoping it's going to be somewhat permanent) but it seems to be a fsntastic device!

by Supremesub on The Vice
The Vice Plus is a must

Now, I purchased The Vice Plus in red due to it being on clearance and ceased the opportunity to see how this cage would work.

It is by far the most comfortable and secure cage I own. The options to customize it makes for THE fit to me. There are chastity captions out there that state "After a while, you won't even remember you're wearing a chastity device." That caption needs The Vice cage in it because with this cage it is true. The cage was right because I'm about 9in erect. It's when the ring size and spacer come into play that truly make this cage what it is. There's no cut off of circulation, no sliding or the need to readjust the cage after moving around. I did some moving for a week straight in this cage.

*Note: I truly believe when locked in chastity and your focus taken from your manhood you get a lot done. I mean I moved boxes, containers, lifted and carried said items up and down 2 flights of stairs. I've yet to try and work out in the cage but I believe it's possible without any issues. Other than the lock clacking. Perhaps create a product that secures the padlock to the cage? Further security(not that it's needed), but mainly for those of us who want to, or instructed/forced to, wear the cage as we work out without the clacking? I don't know just a thought.

The anti pullout, is exactly what it is. With the right ring size and spacer, the anti pullout attachment is a constant reminder that you're in your cage, and there's no getting out without the key. AT ALL! When shaven smooth the cage fits perfectly no slipping or unwanted moving. There's no pulling out. Im not needlessly hyping this up, I'm telling you, that if you want inescapable chastity that is not steel based, The Vice is the cage you want.

You might regret it the first will regret it the first month, but after that it's a breeze because it becomes a part of you.

When I was out of it, I missed it. I dont know if some chastity mind voodoo happened, but I actually missed my cage because I felt protected and safe.

And in due time, you will too. =)

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From the Testers


“The Vice is an exciting new device which crushes the competition. No more fumbling for pins while trying to put the device on. The sturdy and well build cage attaches to the base ring with ease. Once on, you will see how easy it is to forget your locked. Comfort is great with its rounded base ring and smoothed cage edges. And if your an escape artist, be forewarned… it’s not going to be that easy anymore! The security of The Vice is second to none with the addition of the built-in anti-pullout security feature. Trying to get out will leave you feeling defeated and raw. If the feeling of frustration is what you crave, The Vice will deliver!!!”    – AJ

“A perfectly evil device that has obviously had a lot of thought and development put into it, having also been a late stage prototype tester I can without doubt say all my concerns were listened to and the communication with this company is excellent. A well built device that you’ll love to hate and your partner will just love.”           – T. Parkes

“After trying many devices I was looking for a device that is comfortable and most of all secure. The Vice is made from a material that is stronger and less resistant to splitting then other devices but still comfortable enough for long term wear. The anti-pull out design works very well at preventing pull out, and would be incredibly hard to get back in if defeated. I definitely recommend it over other devices and believe it to be one of the best in the market.”              – Jay

“After receiving the demo, I was a bit skeptical about the anit-pullout portion of The Vice.  It looked menacing; same as the spikes as other devices.  After giving it a try, I found the anti-pullout system quite comfortable.  With some work, I’m able to slip out of other devices.  I gave myself two days to try my hardest to pull out of The Vice with no luck.  The Engineering of The Vice and its anti-pullout is solid and does not cause pain, injury, or harm like the spikes of other devices.”                – J.R.