Spiked Anti-pullouts


With these spiked anti pullouts, you can turn any The Vice™ Chastity Cage accepting anti pullouts into a spiked chastity cage. Experience the ultimate teasing between pain and pleasure, while being locked up!

Please read safety information below before purchasing.



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Spiked Anti-pullouts

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New to The Vice™ family, these devilish little spikes will ensure your slave will get a painful reminder for any unauthorized erections. This is the perfect accessory that can turn your The Vice into a spiked chastity cage to give you more control and remind your slave that you can deliver pleasure… or pain, to their penis any time you wish.

These spikes are also a great addition for behavioral training, thanks to the kali’s teeth design. Is your slave being disobedient? Then add the spikes until they learn to correct their bad behavior (and maybe even a little longer after that…). And if the disobedient behavior shows up again, add the spikes again for a longer duration. You will have your perfectly obedient slave groveling at your feet with very little effort on your part. What more could a Dom/Domme ask for?

Spiked Chastity Cage Anti Pullouts Additional Information

These spikes wrap around the shaft of the penis, similarly to a kali’s teeth cockring or bracelet would. They are thus compatible with The Vice™ chastity devices large enough to welcome the anti-pullout system, which are:

  • The Vice Standard – The standard version of our flagship chastity device, The Vice.
  • The Vice Plus – A plus sized version of The Vice, for over-average endowed men.
  • The Vice Mini – A small version of The Vice, for under-average endowed men and those who want to feel more compression.

Product Dimensions:

Spiked Anti-Pullout Sizes (Distance between spikes)
  • Small: 14.5 mm (0.57″)
  • Medium: 17.5 mm (0.69″)
  • Large: 21.6 mm (0.85″)

Safety Information:

The spiked anti-pullouts are sold as a set with all 3 different sizes included (S/M/L). The spikes themselves are the same lengths; but the smaller the size, the tighter they squeeze into penis. The spikes are slightly rounded at the top for your safety, but are still every bit painful. We do not recommend altering the spikes. Lastly, as with the standard anti-pullouts, we do recommend starting with the largest size for a few days to test comfort and security, and to see how the penis responds to it, before deciding if it is necessary to downsize. Locked in Lust will not be responsible for any injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product.


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