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Warehouse Status

Warehouse Status: Open
Many countries and states are currently under a 2 week (minimum) quarantine. As of March 19, both the Locked in Lust office and the Locked in Lust warehouse are open. However, it appears that the Locked in Lust warehouse will need to temporarily shut down operations in the near future for the quarantine.
When the warehouse is closed, the office will stay open to handle any and all customer inquiries, as well as process any orders that come through. We will still be delivering the Gold Star customer service everyone is accustomed to. But all orders placed after the warehouse is closed will stay pending until the warehouse re-opens, and the order will then ship at that time.
During this pending period, we will still offer a 100% refund on all orders cancelled prior to the warehouse re-opening, and prior to the order being shipped. Once the warehouse re-opens, it may take a few days for them to process and ship all orders, but you will receive an email notification once it ships.
If you have any questions about this, please email us at Support@lockedinlust.com.
Thank you everyone for your understanding of this matter in this perilous time, and please stay safe.
Locked in Lust Team